Rajshahi University Admission Circular 2022

Rajshahi University Admission Circular 2022: Candidates who have participated in HSC 2021 are now preparing for admission in different universities. Rajshahi University is one of the best public universities in Bangladesh. Rajshahi University is a reputed university located in Rajshahi district, known as the city of education in Bangladesh. Rajshahi University Admission Circular 2022 has been published. You can see the completed Circular in our article.

RU Admission Circular 2022

After a long wait, the HSC exam 2021 has been held based on the short syllabus. The students who have successfully passed the HSC exam 2021 are now preparing for university admission. Rajshahi University can be a good university for you. Every year thousands of students are working in different parts of Bangladesh after obtaining degrees with a reputation from this university. Rajshahi University Admission Circular 2022 has been published for admission. The university has published the Rajshahi University Admission Circular 2022 on its own website.

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology [BUET] Admission Circular 2022

Well, in addition to the university’s own website https://admission.ru.ac.bd/undergraduate/, you will find the RU Admission Circular 2022 on our website. You can also find all the information related to university admission from here. Read our full article to know all about University Admission Circular 2022.

Rajshahi University Admission Circular 2022 Information 

In order to participate in the Rajshahi University Admission, the student must have successfully passed the HSC Exam 2022. I hope you have successfully passed the HSC exam 2022. This article provides complete information on how to apply for Rajshahi University Admission Circular 2022. If the application form is not filled properly then there are many complications for later university admission. So complete the article very carefully and then fill the Rajshahi University Admission Application Form.

When will Rajshahi University Admission be held?

The website of the university has published the information about when the university admission test will be held. If you are preparing for the Rajshahi University Admission Circular 2022, then you must fill the application form for the admission test now. Notice will be given when the test will be held. Preliminary application for university admission starts from 25 May 2022. After the completion of the application, everyone will be informed about the date of examination.

Rajshahi University Admission Circular Apply Eligibility

Admission test of three units of Rajshahi University was taken. The distribution of each unit is given below. You can better prepare for the exam by looking at the standard distribution mentioned below.

Science: Total GPA i.e. Total GPA in SSC and HSC is 6.00. And not less than 3.50 in SSC or HSC.

Humanities: Total GPA i.e. total GPA in SSC and HSC 6.00. And not less than 3.00 in SSC or HSC.

Trade: Total GPA i.e. total GPA in SSC and HSC is 7.50. And not less than 3.50 in SSC or HSC.


Rajshahi University Admission Circular 2021-2022

National University Admission Circular has already been published. Below is a clear idea of ​​how you can apply for the Rajshahi University Admission Test and at the same time how to prepare fully for the Admission Test.

Admission test of Rajshahi University will be held in three units in total. One student will have to choose any one unit. Admission test has been introduced in Rajshahi University from 2021-22 academic year. This test is taken through McQ and written test. Below you will find complete guidelines for Rajshahi University admissions, admission eligibility of each unit, exam time and many more important information. So read our article very carefully.

Unit Names and Departments of Rajshahi University 

Unit A (Arts), Unit B (Commerce), Unit C (Science) at Rajshahi University.

Unit A (Arts)
  • Faculty of Arts: Philosophy, History, English, Bengali, Islamic History & Culture, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Theater, Music, Persian Language & Literature, Urdu, Sanskrit
  • Faculty of Law: Department of Law, Law and Land Administration
  • Faculty of Social Sciences: Economics, Political Science, Social Work, Sociology, Mass Communication and Journalism, Informatics and Library Management, Public Administration, Anthropology, Folklore, International Relations.
  • Faculty of Fine Arts: Painting, Oriental & Print Making, Ceramics & Sculpture, Graphic Design, Crafts & Art History
  • Educational and Research Institutions: Educational and Research Institutions
Unit B (Commerce)
  • Faculty of Business Studies: Accounting, Management, Marketing, Finance, Banking & Insurance, Tourism & Hospitality
  • Institute of Business Studies: Institute of Business Administration
Unit C (Science)
  • Faculty of Science: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Pharmacy, Population Science and Human Resource Development, Applied Mathematics, Physical Education and Sports Science
  • Biology: Departments of Psychology, Botany, Zoology, Genetic Engineering and Biochemistry, Medical Psychology and Microbiology
  • Agriculture: Department of Agriculture and Agricultural Extension, Crop Science and Technology
  • Engineering: Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Information and Communication Technology Science and Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Geology: Department of Geography and Ecology, Department of Geology and Faculty of Mining
  • Fisheries: Department of Fisheries
  • Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Science: Department of Veterinary and Animal Science.

Eligibility to apply to Rajshahi University 2022

To apply to Rajshahi University, a student must have successfully passed SSC and equivalent examinations by 2020 or 2021. Only those who have passed HSC examinations in 2021 can participate in University Admission Test 2022. After the need. Reading the section below will give you an accurate idea of ​​the eligibility to apply for each unit. Read the section below to verify for yourself which unit you can apply for.

Rajshahi University Admission Mark Distribution 2022

Admission test rules have changed from Rajshahi University 2019-20 academic year. In the 2021-22 academic year, students will get a total of 45 minutes separately for the mcq written test. One hour and thirty minutes will be given for the complete test. In the academic year 2021-2022, there will be a total of 100 examinations with MCQ of 60 marks.

Rajshahi University Apply Process

  • Enter the official website of Rajshahi University www.ru.ac.bd / https://admission.ru.ac.bd/
  • Download Rajshahi University Admission Circular
  • After reading the admission Circular very well, know all the conditions of admission well
  • Carefully fill up the online application form with SSC and HSC roll number registration number next year and board.
  • Upload passport size photo and scanned copy of your signature
  • Complete your payment within 72 hours of application
  • Print out the online application form

Apply Now

Rajshahi University Admission Circular 2022

Rajshahi University Admission Circular 2022

Distribution of Rajshahi University Admission Test Number 2022

There will be a total of 100 numbers for a total of 60 mcq questions. This test will be held within one hour period held in 03 shifts. Exam pass number 40


Number distribution: ‘A’ unit

The question paper of A-Unit (Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Fine Arts and Institute of Education and Research) will have 3 parts A, B and C. Where

A. Bangla-30 number

B English-30 number

C. General Knowledge – Number 40

Total 100 numbers.

A unit (humanities + category change)

1. Bengali-30 number

2. English-30 number

3. General Knowledge – Number 40

Total 100 numbers.

After selecting 45,000 (15,000 + 15,000 + 15,000) students in the ‘A’ unit from the initial application, 60% of the students will be from Humanities and 40% from other departments.

Number distribution: ‘B’ unit

Students of Commerce Branch and Non-Commerce Branch will be able to appear for the examination in B ‘Unit. Only the number of candidates from Commerce branch is varied

1. English – Number 25

2. ICT number 15.

3. Accounting number 25

4. Business Organization and Management-25

5. Bengali-10 number

Total 100 numbers.

Distribution of number of students in non-commerce branch

1. English – Number 30

2. Bengali – No. 20.

3. General Knowledge-25.

4. ICT-25.

Total 100 numbers.

Note: The Institute of Business Administration (IBA) multiple choice exam requires a minimum of 10 out of 25 in English and a minimum of 12 out of 30 in English in the non-commercial branch.

After selecting 45,000 (15,000 + 15,000 + 15,000) students in the A unit from the initial application, 60% of the students will be from business and 40% from other departments.

Number distribution: ‘C’ unit

Students of all departments will be able to take the test in this unit. In that case, only science students

Number distribution

Mandatory part of ‘A’ branch: Pass No.-25

1. Matter 25 questions

2. Chemistry 25 questions 3. ICT 5 questions

Branch B has to answer any 1 of the optional part. Side number 10

1. Mathematics 25 questions

2. Biology 25 questions

3. Mathematics + Biology will have 2 questions.

(Note: Those who answer from both Mathematics + Biology will be considered for all departments of Science.)

Number distribution to non-science students

1. Bengali 25 questions

2. English 25 questions

3. General Knowledge / Geography / Psychology – 30 questions

(Note: All questions have a value of 1.25 and 100 marks out of a total of 60 questions.)

Rajshahi University Admit Card Download 2022

All these students have completed the application by filling the admission form of Rajshahi University Admission Test. They will be able to download the entry form from here after the entry form is published. Bookmark our website to make Bhojpatra download easy in the first place. From here, first of all you can download Rajshahi University Admission Test Admission Card.

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