Bangladesh Air Force Job Circular 2022 – Apply Now

Bangladesh Air Force Job Circular 2022 : Bangladesh Air Force Job Circular 2022 has been published in several news outlets of the country and on the website of Bangladesh Air Force. Bangladesh Air Force is one of the most important and important branch of the country’s military. The head of this force is Abu Esrar, BBP, NDC, ACAC. Bangladesh Air Force Headquarters is located in Dhaka Cantonment, the capital of the country.

Bangladesh Air Force is working with the highest standard of orderly environment to protect the country’s airspace. And so to increase the manpower and to protect the country, the Bangladesh Air Force has again issued a notification for the Job Circular of new members so that often 955 interested candidates will be recruited.

In our post you will get all the information about Bangladesh Air Force Job Circular 2022. And where, when and at what time notices are being issued in detail.

Bangladesh Air Force Job Circular 2022

Job Circular of Bangladesh Air Force 2022

Job Circular of officers, MODC cadets has been provided in numerous posts in Bangladesh Air Force. Bangladesh Air Force Job Circular 2022, Air Force Cadet Job Circular 2022. Notification is being issued for the application of candidates from all the mentioned districts to all the qualified persons in Bangladesh Air Force Job Circular 2022.

Bangladesh Air Force Circular 2022

New appointments in the Bangladesh Air Force were announced shortly after. And so in this given Bangladesh Air Force Job Circular 2022, innumerable candidates or members are being recruited all over the country. All the interested candidates have to apply online considering their mentioned information. Now all the applications especially the applications of all government departments are being completed online. The Air Force and vice versa, they are also applying online. And so the interested candidate has to apply online knowing the rules online.

Bangladesh Air Force Job Circular 2022 sends all their information to their specific website. To know about any subject first, especially to know all about Bangladesh Air Force, you have to visit their website. Due to the weak server, people who are interested in getting all these notifications have to get different speeds.

Servers in Bangladesh are often complicated at times and therefore the server does not work properly at the specified time after the appointment. Considering that aspect of yours, we are working tirelessly so that you get all the notifications and all the job news on our website first. So first of all, log in to our site regularly to get the notification to yourself.

Bangladesh Air Force Job Circular 2022

They have to register online as per their instructions by clicking on apply now directly on their designated website ( They have to register and pay 150 rupees online as per the prescribed rules. A User ID or Password will be sent to the registered mobile number. The application form should then be accepted and submitted on the due date along with the required papers or certificates and photographs to the Air Force and Information Center.

Bangladesh Air Force Job Circular 2022 Test subjects.


There will be Bangla and English secondary examinations (SSC and equivalent), followed by medical and oral examinations.

Note: No electrical devices such as mobiles, calculators, watches can be carried in the test center. And no bags can be carried.

Bangladesh Air Force Job Circular 2022 

Those papers and information without which you cannot take part in the examination: –

  • All educational qualification number sheets must be attested
  • Citizenship Character Certificate Marital Status and Permanent Address Certificate and the said Certificate must be attested by the Councilor, Union Parishad or Mayor or, if not available, first class graduated officer. The mobile number of the attested person should be attached.
  • Attach 12 recent passport size photographs and attest the photographs.
  • Certificate of Character must be obtained from the head of the educational institution or previous educational institution in which he is studying.
  • If a candidate is working in an organization, then he has to get permission letter from the head of the organization
  • Candidate has to attach attested copy of birth registration or national identity card to provide proof of his permanent address.

Bangladesh Air Force Job Circular 2022 Information:

Job type:  Government
Districts:  All districts
Organization:  Air Force Bangladesh
Job Circular paid website:
Number of terms:  966
Age:  16 to 22 years
Eligibility:  SSC / HSC
Application time:  9 September 2022

An application should be submitted to a candidate considering the above mentioned information. Bangladesh Air Force Job Circular 2022 will appoint any interested candidate only after checking and sorting all the information. If any discrepancy is found in all the above mentioned information then the candidature will be considered void at that moment.

Bangladesh Air Force Job Circular 2022

  Apply Now  

Bangladesh Air Force Job Circular 2022 Disqualification of candidates:

In addition to eligible candidates, some ineligible candidates also apply. They should consider the following. This is because if ineligible candidates apply, they may be fired after application or while working. The issues of self-disqualified candidates are mentioned:

Cannot apply if dismissed. In addition, if a person leaves the job voluntarily and leaves the job, he will still be considered as an ineligible candidate.
A candidate will not be able to apply or be considered ineligible if he or she is disclosed from a previous job for a criminal offense or if someone has been convicted in a criminal law case.
Individuals who are barred from employment in government service will not be able to apply but their application will be considered ineligible.

Things to note: –

The examination for the Bangladesh Air Force Job Circular 2022 will be held only on the date given in the newspaper and on the website prescribed by the Air Force. The test will start at the place mentioned in the newspaper and website and at that time. Note that the test will be conducted by a team dressed in uniform and carrying identity cards. No extra person will be allowed to enter the test center.

Any order request recommendation for accepting candidature will not be accepted. All legal action will be taken against any candidate who wants to accept any kind of money with the expectation or assurance of getting a job. Legal action will also be taken against anyone who accepts the recommendation or enters the examination center with any forged documents or certificates. And if someone gets a job by accepting fake documents or recommendations and if it is later proved, then at any stage of the job he will be dismissed and legal action will be taken against him.

If anyone is involved in an unpleasant incident during the trial or if he is able to cause an unpleasant incident himself, he will be removed at that moment and legal action will be taken against him.

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